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 Character Creation template

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PostSubject: Character Creation template   Wed 08 Aug 2012, 10:46 am

Please copy the code below, create a new topic, paste it, then fill it out!

[u][b]Character Name[/b][/u]: Put your character's name

[u][b]Nickname(s)[/b][/u]: Optional, put your character's Nickname!

[u][b]Age[/b][/u]: Please be realistic here, I don't want 4 year old characters unless they are Androids!

[u][b]Race[/b][/u]: Post you characters Race here! Choose from - Saiyan,
Half-Saiyan, Hybrid, Demon, Changeling, Namekian, Android, Human, or a Custom Race.
[b]Race Description[/b][/u]: This is only needed if you used a Custom Race (At least two paragraphs!)

[u][b]Appearance[/b][/u]: Can be a picture or a description.


[u][b]Desired Starting Planet[/b][/u]: Earth, Vegeta, Arlia, or Namek.

[u][b]Distribute 150 points along Power, Speed, Toughness, and Focus[/b][/u]:

PWR: Power

SPD: Speed

TGH: Toughness

FOC: Focus

You can have only 4 starter techniques, if you choose very poweful ones, they will start out weak. If one is custom, you must describe it.

[b][u]Anything else[/b][/u]: Anthing else you want to add
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Character Creation template
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