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 The Rules of DBZTS

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PostSubject: The Rules of DBZTS   Wed 08 Aug 2012, 10:29 am


First off, welcome to DBZ: The Shadows, or for short, DBZTS. DBZTS is a Play-by-Post Dragonball Z Roleplaying game for advanced or beginning roleplayers! DBZTS is based 100 years after the series. I created this forum for fun! Please no roughhousing or rapidly cursing!

General Rules

Out of Character Rules:

- No spamming
- Absolutely no Pornographic Videos or Pictures!
- Respect all players!
- No double accounting, this will be resulted as a ban for one month!
- Please don't post while drunk, you don't know what you will post!
- Dating is allowed, but don't make it so serious, don't sex talk anywhere! Do that business somewhere else or in PM's.

In Character Rules:

- No god modding, Power-Playing, or Meta-Gaming! This will result as permanent ban after one warning!
- 1 Paragraph roleplay limit if you are roleplaying with another user.
- Please don't use techniques that you don't have!

Starting Off

Okay, now you should be confused, I bet you are like "Oh, I don't need to read this part! I just create my character!" Well, too bad! It isn't that simple buddy! But, yes you're right first, you must go to the Character Creation section, go to the Character Creation Application, copy the code that I have made, and then create a new topic with the code filled out! Then, you will receive a PM (Private Message) Regarding what you must do next. Okay, maybe I lied, it is that simple Razz


Okay, now we are up to stats! This is quite simple if you read it correctly. Your stats should add up to 150. 150 will be your starting Power Level. There are 4 Categories of stats. Power, Speed, Focus, and Toughness. The highest one stat can go is 147! Please don't have your speed at one and say you are super fast! Below is an example of what the stats should look like:

PWR - (Power)
SPD - (Speed)
TGH - (Toughness)
FOC - (Focus)

Power: Power is the basic stat, where it determines the damage of physical attacks in battle. This number determines your physical strength and might.

Speed – Speed determines how fast your character is opposed to the competitor. It determines if you can or cannot physically dodge a characters attack. Along with that it determines your character’s agility, how fast he/she can change positions in battle or sticky situations.

Toughness – Toughness determines your willpower against physical and ki attacks sent from your opponent. It determines how much damage you can take without dying or losing the battle. Also makes you slightly stronger.

Focus - Focus determines how quick your character’s reaction time is to opposing attacks, if this number is lower than your opponent’s your speed will also deduct over a certain amount of time. You’ll find that this number requires to be balanced with speed, soon my friend. This also determines if your character listens while training and doing quests!

All of these stats add up to your Power Level!

Earning Powerlevel

How to earn Powerlevel you ask? Well, that is simple!

Powerlevel can be earned by Roleplaying, Doing Quests, or Training! Read below:

Roleplaying - Each post that you do in a topic accounts for 100 Powerlevel, if you have 5 posts, you get 500 PL!

Quests - Doing quests is an easy way of getting PL, you get as much as the quest's level is.

Training - Training will gain you 250 PL per paragraph! A paragraph in this RPG is 4-5 sentences.

Races, Advantages, and Transformations

Note - Sorry guys, it's supposed to be x's not +'s! It multiplies your PL, not add your PL Razz

Perks - Saiyan's Luck - +10% Toughness in Battle +10% Power
-Starts off with an additional 35 points in power.
Disadvantage - Oh-No! - Power decreased by 25% at random point in battle.
Transformations -
Giji Super Saiyan - + 0.5 PL in battle
Super Saiyan - + 1.0 PL in battle
Super Saiyan II - + 1.5 PL in battle
Super Saiyan III - + 2.5 PL in battle
Super Saiyan IV - + 3.5 PL in battle
Legendary Super Saiyan - 4.5 PL in battle

Perks - Might of a Saiyan & Strength of a Tiger - +10% Toughness and +5% Power in Battle.
-Starts of with an additional 35 points in speed.
Disadvantages - Diluted Blood - Power & Toughness decreased by 20% at random point in battle.
Transformations -
Super Saiyan - + 1.5 PL in battle
Full Power Super Saiyan - + 2.5 PL in battle
Super Saiyan II - + 2.5 PL in battle
Super Saiyan III - + 3.5 PL in battle
Mystic Half-Saiyan - + 4.5 PL in battle

- Hardened Shell - Can survive the vacuum of space & 20% toughness during battle.
- Have more PL once advanced in forms.
- Brute - Awareness is lowered 10% during battle.
- Evil Origins - Automatically start off with an -2 alignment.
- That Quick - Changeling's get their transformations faster than other races.
Transformations -
Form I - x 1.5 PL in battle - Requires 7,000 PL
Form II - x 2.5 PL in battle - Requires 14,000 PL
Form III - x 3.5 PL in battle - Requires 35,000 PL
Form IV - x 4.0 PL in battle - Requires 56,000 pl
Form IV 100% - x 5.0 PL in battle - Requires 60,000 PL

- Power Level Master - Starts off with 100 more points of Power Level, doesn't affect stats though it does effect PL.
- Still Mortal - 15 less points in toughness on start.
Transformations -
Super Namek - + 1.5 PL in battle - Requires 15,000 PL
Ancestral Strength - + 3.5 PL in battle - Requires 25,000 PL

- No Harm Done - Unless their outer-shell if broken and damage is done to their insides damage will not affect their performance.
Disadvantages - Evil - Most Androids are created evil so a -5 alignment they start off with.
Transformations -
Upgrade - + 1.5 PL in battle
Perfect Enhancements - + 2.5 PL in battle - Requires 15,000 PL
Super Android - + 4.0 PL in battle - Requires 30,000 PL

Perks - Martial Arts Master - Starts with two fundamentals or one advanced of choice
Disadvantages - Weakling! - Power is 25% less during battle
Transformations -
Hidden Power - + 1.5 PL in battle - Requires 15,000 PL
Human's Rage - + 2.0 PL in battle - Requires 25,000 PL
Super Human - + 3.5 PL in battle - Requires 40,000 PL
Super Human 100% - + 5.0 PL in battle - Requires 75,000 PL

Custom Races
Perks - Make your own - If it is over-powered or can be easily god-modded it will be denied.
Disadvantages - Make your own - Try to match it with your advantage as nobody likes a perfect character.
Transformations -
True Power - + 2.5 PL in battle
The Great Race - + 3.5 PL in battle
Rage - + 4.5 PL in battle

For more Information about races, go to the Races Topic!


Quests are the most basic way of gaining PL, and somehow one of the most beneficial towards gaining power level rapidly thus you are limited to 4 quests per week. Multiple people may complete a quest together but with a added 5 Paragraphs required. Our type of paragraphs are 4-5 sentences!


Training will give you 250 PL per Paragraph. The training types are located below:

Regular Training - Simple training by yourself.

Partner Training - Training with your other character(s) or another user. (If the other User accepts)

Gravity Training - This is done in a Ship's Gravity room or the Gravity Training room!

Master Training - You can do this at any time, requires a training master (The Masters will be listed below, they are NPC's!)

Technique Training - Techniques advance in Tiers, they are listed below you advance in a Tier every 5 Paragraphs.

Tiers - Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5, Tier 6, Tier7, Tier 8, Tier 9, Tier 10, Tier 11, Tier 12, Tier 13, Tier 14, Tier 15, Tier 16, Tier 17, Tier 18, Tier 19, Tier 20, and Tier 20 (Full Power)


Earth Masters:
    Ryan (Male)
    Kiran (Male)

Vegeta Masters:
    Vetinako (Male)
    Princess Vira (Female)

Namek Masters:
    Kenden (Male)
    Vian (Female)
    Tiran The Healer (Male)

Arlia Masters:
    Princess Arlia (Female)

Thank you for reading!

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The Rules of DBZTS
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