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 The last set of rules (For Now)

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PostSubject: The last set of rules (For Now)   Thu 28 Feb 2013, 5:15 am

These are more Techniques and Abilities, I call it the List of Greatness Razz
The info on the abilities is sent to you after you submit your character Application and it's accepted! But, you may want to read this first...

Techniques and Abilities
There are two main categories for a character's 'moves’ in this RPG: “abilities” and “techniques.” Abilities are generally more powerful than their counterpart, and are far more difficult to obtain. There is also a larger variety to allow better customization to your preference of fighting style. The info about them will be sent to you once your character has been accepted. Techniques are somewhat less powerful, and there are less of them, but they are more readily attainable. Techniques also have a sub-category, “Custom Techniques,” which are moves that characters can create, and are unique to each individual. Each character starts off with two inherent Abilities, and the rest they must earn. A character also begins with a set of starter Techniques and must earn any additional Techniques. To achieve custom techniques, you must pay a certain amount of Powerlevel.


Every new character, when done with creation creation, will automatically start with any four Abilities of your choosing. After that, the only way to learn a new Ability is to wish for one using the Dragon Balls or paying 5000 PL. Most Abilities are passive in nature, meaning they don't have a direct application in battle, to the exclusion of things like Healing. Rather, they supplement your skills, or are advancements to skills you already know. For instance, every character has hand-to-hand combat skills, but their movement with the After Image technique causes the fists to become faster when punching or kicking, and the opponent would not know. However, abilities like “Ki Specialization” or “Martial Arts Specialization” simply mean that your character has a higher degree of skill than is normal. Some Abilities are also stronger versions of Techniques, such as Psychokinesis being a much more potent version of Telekinesis.
This does not, however, imply that Abilities are by any means weak. Be creative! You can choose Abilities that complement each other or balance each other out. Each and every one can be a deadly weapon in the right hands.

Only 2 ways of getting more abilities is by paying 5000 PL or a wish from the dragon.


These are your main source of skills, and contain the groundwork for more powerful moves. Which is considered a very basic and oftentimes integral part of fighting, and Ki Control is required for anything that uses an externalization of energy. Each Technique has a specific cost, which is determined in PL. Once you’ve accumulated enough PL in a thread to pay the cost, you simply “buy” the Technique by saying so in your last post in a thread and presto, you’ve learned it! For more on that subject, check out the Stats thread. There is no limit to how many Techniques you can have. You can learn them all if you want. This particular category holds two very awesome benefits, “Custom Techniques,” and the much sought after Transformations.

Learning New Techniques
To learn a new Technique, you must meet the required PL cost in a given thread, which is specifically listed and varies from Technique to Technique. Some Techniques will have other requirements, such as Ki Control being a prerequisite to any Techniques that use an externalization of energy. Once you fulfill the PL cost and any other potential requirement, you post in your profile thread that you are “purchasing” the Technique to learn it. The Technique will be added to your roster and the PL deducted from your total PL gained in a newly completed thread.
To learn a new Custom Technique, it must first be approved by staff in this thread and given a PL cost. Then, you must meet that PL cost at the end of a thread, and once you do, follow the procedure mentioned above for purchasing regular Techniques. And, if you are looking for techniques from the show, you can post those in the Technique Creation!

Custom Techniques: These are moves that you can create yourself. Unlike their predecessors, the normal Techniques, Custom Techniques have the potential to be far stronger. These are purchased with PL, just like regular Techniques. However, their actual PL cost is determined by their strength and attributes, with relativity towards already established Technique costs. The higher the cost, the stronger the Custom Technique is determined to be, and vice versa. Staff members will officially decide every cost.
Custom Techniques can be as versatile as you want them to be. They could act as anything that’s a DBZ standard, such as a Kamehameha, or something you create of your very own. You can also design it to be a passive move; if we don’t already have a Technique or Ability for something you’d like to do, then you can fill the gap. There are a few guidelines for Custom Technique creation.
--Upon submission for PL cost determination, every Custom Technique must have a full explanation as to how it works. If the name of your attack is in Japanese (or any other foreign language for that matter), please provide its English translation as well. For example, “Makankosappo” is the Japanese version of “Special Beam Cannon.”
--Instant/semi-instant death moves are not allowed.
--Your Custom Technique cannot involve an Ability or regular Technique if you have not learned it. For instance, if you don’t know Elemental Ki, you cannot have a move that involves Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Lightning, or Light. If you don’t know Telepathy or Possession, you can’t invade someone’s mind or body. If you don’t know Combat Teleportation, you can’t have any moves involving teleportation. The list goes on.
--None of your Custom Techniques can change or affect your stats or increase your own energy in any way, shape, or form. If you want an attack to be able to attack or drain another person’s energy, you need Venomous Ki (attacks energy), or Ki Absorption (drains energy and replenishes yours).
--Once you’ve picked your Custom Technique and paid the PL cost for it, you cannot change it. There is currently no cap on how many Custom Techniques you can learn, so you can simply just make a new one instead.

Abilities List

This list is not completely exhaustive, and new Abilities are always open to suggestion.

Combat Teleportation: The ability to teleport short distances in quick bursts without getting tired.

Elemental Ki: Some warriors have the ability to give their ki the properties of various aspects of nature. When the Ability is taken, the player must choose one of the following Elements: Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Darkness, or Light. This Ability may be taken more than once, but only an Element that the character does not already have can be taken.

Elasticity: The ability to fuse ki into the user's limbs and stretch them like rubber without causing injury

Foresight: The ability to catch a small glimpse of the future, by a matter of seconds. Very useful in a fight to know what your opponent will do.

Healing: Using physical contact, a warrior can transfer their ki into the body of another. Doing this can quickly heal wounds that someone has received. Though this can be a powerful ability, the process can be slow and larger wounds will require more ki to heal. You cannot use Healing on yourself.

Immaterial: Through precise ki control, a person can actually change their physical form into pure energy. This has several applications such as passing through some physical object and making them immune to physical attacks. Being made of energy, however, makes a person far more susceptible to ki-based attacks.

Inner Strength: It would be nice if all men were created equal, but some are just a bit more equal than others. This Ability confers an extra 15% stat points to be distributed to a character's stats. This Ability can not be taken more than once.

Invulnerability: Using ki to increase a person's physical density can increase one's resilience to both physical and ki attacks. This increased density, however, makes it far more difficult to move.

Ki Specialization: To some, manipulating ki comes as naturally as breathing. They can use their inner power more precisely and more effectively than any others and the devastation such mastery can bring should not be taken lightly. Ki Specialists automatically know Ki Sense.

Martial Arts Specialization: Whether through years and years of careful training, or simple in-born talent, some people are simply geniuses in the martial arts. Those with this ability are considered to be extremely effective fighters.

Mediumship: The ability to sense a basic history of an object or person through physical contact.

Metal Binding: A kinetic control of metallic objects around you.

Mimic: An Ability that lets you copy the Abilities of others, although its use has limitations. You can only Mimic an Ability by physically touching another character that has it, and only after that character has used it at least once in front of you. Only one Ability can be Mimicked at a time, and you cannot Mimic an Ability you already have, nor can you use it to Mimic another player's Custom Techniques. Mimic is such a difficult Ability that Custom Techniques cannot be created to amplify or alter its use. Any Custom Techniques created for a specific Ability become locked and unusable if you Mimic a different one.

Possession: After initial contact, the user is able to temporarily control the body of another person. If they are stronger, this can happen for several minutes. Equal strength is a minute maximum, and if they are weaker, then only for a few seconds. Usable once per battle.

Psychokinesis: The ability to use ki to move objects without touching them. Though this may appear similar to the more mundane Telekinesis, this is far more potent. Psychokinesis can be used to directly affect opponents or even imbue objects with ki so they can be used as weapons against super powered enemies.

Regeneration: The ability to self-heal, at the cost of your own ki. Doing this can quickly heal minor wounds. However, the process can be slow and larger wounds will require more ki to heal. It can also be used to regrow lost limbs, although the would constitute as a very large wound.

Silent Ki: Normally, Power Level can be determined by sensing another person's ki. Silent Ki, however, cannot by sensed by conventional means, such as scouters and other types of radar. In fact, Silent Ki is even immune to the powerful Ki Sense Ability.

Survival: A temporary resistance to extreme conditions, such as intense heat and lava, frigid cold, dense underwater pressure, and even the vacuum of space. This also gives a strong advantage against Elemental Ki users.

Stealth: Using one's own methods, one can effectively render themselves invisible to the naked eye, either through blending in with their surroundings or by bending light around themselves. They will only be able to maintain their invisibility so long as they do not attack. Once an attack is made, the invisibility is broken. Stealth can also make your attacks silent and your ki invisible to the naked eye.

Time Stop: This ability allows the user to halt the process of time through sheer power of will. During this time, they can move around while the rest of the world remains at a stand-still. You cannot, however, launch any type of offensive attack, as this would break the focus of Time Stop.

Techniques List

This list is not completely exhaustive, and new Techniques are always open to suggestion. This Technique list is specifically meant to be a framework for Custom Techniques, rather than a list to check off and forget about.

Afterimage: A quick boost in ki, during which a fighter may disappear and appear somewhere else nearby in an instant. When activated an "image" of the user is left behind for several seconds. This is a temporary boost to speed and can be matched by somebody who also has this ability. Usable three (3) time per battle before your opponent adapts to your technique and expects it.

Body Size Control: This techniques allows the user to make themselves temporarily grow or shrink up to twice their normal size. This increases or decreases their speed and strength depending on their new size. Particularly in Saiyans, this can manifest as an Oozaru, although the Saiyan cannot control its actions if transformed into an Oozaru.

Body Split: The user is able to create copies of themselves, each time splitting their power, first 50/50, then 33/33/33, etcetera. The more copies, the weaker the clones. Clones may last for up to five (5) posts. Requires Body Size Control.

Death Bomb: An ultimate attack of pure evil, the Death Bomb devastates the righteous. Requires 2 posts of charging. Deals incredible damage to those of "Good" alignment or above.

Dodonpa: A strong beam of orange ki fired from the index finger, much more powerful than a standard ki wave. The Dodonpa is exclusive to the Crane School. Requires Master Shen's Training

Dodon Cannon: A very strong beam of orange ki fired from the index finger, much more powerful than a standard Dodonpa. The Dodon Cannon requires at least one post of charging, additional charging will increase its power. The Dodon Cannon is equivalent to three Dodonpas. The Dodon Cannon is exclusive to the Crane School. Requires Master Shen's Training

Explosive Wave: The user's aura combusts, inflicting sudden damage to those within a few feet of the user. Extremely effective as a surprise attack.

Flight: Originally thought to be a myth by the Humans of Earth, the user harnesses internal energy, lifting themselves up into the air and controlling movement and speed, allowing them to literally fly through the sky.

Fusion: After learning a very particular dance, the user can fuse with somebody who also knows the dance. This fusion will put the two bodies together as one for exactly 30 posts, during which time their powers are merged together to form one single warrior. To determine the strength of the fused warrior, add together the Power Level to the two character who fused, and average their stat percentages. The Fused warrior has all of the Abilities, Techniques, and Custom Techs of the warriors who created it. Requires training under the Grand Kai.

Genki Dama: Also known as “Spirit Bomb,” the Genki Dama is a powerful attack that has a long charge time. The user gathers ki from all living things within a small radius, including themselves, forming the ki into a large blue sphere of pure energy. Deals incredible damage to those of "Evil" alignment or below. This technique must be charged a minimum of three (3) posts to a maximum of twenty (20) posts. requires training under King Kai.

Kaio-Ken: A technique that allows the user to temporarily boost all aspects of their body: the five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell), as well as gain an increase in muscle mass, resulting in more energy and more power. Capable of two levels, your Power Level can be multiplied by either x2 or x5. It can be used alone or in addition to a regular Power Up. Each “burst” engulfs your body in a crimson aura, and lasts roughly twenty seconds, equating to one action, such as a single punch, kick, or blast. Requires training under King Kai. 1000 PL for x5.

Kamehameha Wave: The user fires a powerful blue beam of ki from his palms after charging the blast at his hip. Requires one charging post, additional posts of charging increase the power of the wave. The signature move of the Turtle School. Requires completing Roshi's Training

Kiai: This ability allows the user to fire a shockwave of invisible ki via a gesture, movement, or yell. The kiai is more of an assertion of dominance and authority than anything, yet can fulfill various roles in combat.

Ki Absorption: This ability allows the user to suck out the energy from their opponent through physical contact. The longer they keep the hold, the more power they will generate. This ability, however, cannot absorb Elemental Ki created by opponents. Advanced applications of this Technique have been known to affect the life energy of other fighters.

Ki Sense: An accurate sense of the approximate amount of ki someone possesses. Ki Sense renders scouters obsolete and allows you to sense the location of anyone you have previously met on your current world, as well as locating powerful NPCs.

Ki Shield: The user creates a barrier around their body, preventing incoming physical or moderate ki damage for a short time.

Ki Wave: The user fires a powerful beam of ki, the basis for many more powerful attacks.

Kienzan: The ability to create a disc of spinning ki, able to slice through most any material.

Limit Break: The user powers up far beyond their maximum, creating a crackling aura around them and granting a temporary boost for a short time, at the cost of an exhausted body afterward. Cannot be used with a Power Up. The user's Power Level is increased x2 for 1 post. Requires Power Charge.

Machine Gun Blast: An ability in which the user fires a rapid flurry of ki blasts in attempt to overwhelm the opponent's defenses. Practical to stop an incoming opponent or to deal surprise damage.

Power Charge: The user powers up to their maximum, creating a flaring aura around them and granting a temporary boost for a short time. Cannot be used with a Power Up. The user's Power Level is increased x1.5 for 1 post.

Shapechange: The ability to transform into another object temporarily. Enough impact can reverse the transformation. Movement is limited to flying, if flying is known.

Solar Flare: The ability to temporarily blind an opponent mid-battle as a defensive maneuver or preparation for an attack. Solar Flare comes in three (3) levels of intensity and duration.
-Level One: lasts for 2 posts.
-Level Two: lasts for 3 posts.
-Level Three: lasts for 4 posts.

Sound Manipulation: Your character is attuned to the subtle vibrations of sound waves. Through concentration, he/she can manipulate those waves in various ways, including magnifying them, deadening or cancelling them, and diverting them from one place to another. The expert Sound Manipulator is a master of psychological tricks in combat, while the out-of-combat applications are legion. The Sound Manipulator cannot manipulate sound as effectively as someone with the Wind Ki ability.

Super Kamehameha: The user fires a more powerful blue beam of ki from his palms after charging the blast at his hip. Requires one charging post, additional posts of charging increase the power of the wave. The Super Kamehameha is equal to the power of three Kamehameha Waves. The signature move of the Turtle School taken to a higher level. Requires completing Roshi's Training

Super Leaping: This allows the user to leap several stories into the air and land safely, to the amazement of onlookers.

Telekinesis: Moving objects with ki is not a terribly difficult task, though doing it with any form of precision or restraint requires a good deal of practice. Telekinesis allows a person to move relatively small objects without having to even touch them. Though Telekinesis doesn't have many practical applications in combat on its own, there are many other ways to use it effectively.

Telepathy (Basic): The ability to speak through thought to others on the same world as the user. Telepathy in itself cannot be used to attack other characters or their minds, but can be used as the groundwork for a Custom Technique that does.

Telepathy (Advanced): The ability to speak through thought across great distances. The user can communicate with others regardless of which planet the user is on, yet the user cannot communicate across the barrie of Otherworld. Telepathy in itself cannot be used to attack other characters or their minds, but can be used as the groundwork for a Custom Technique that does much more effectively than the basic variety.

Venomous Ki: This ability allows a sinister energy blast to be created, causing a temporary poison to sink into the opponent's body. This can cause a number of hindrances, the more popular being fatigue. Advanced applications of this Technique have been known to drain ki from fighters, leaving them weakened.

Surprise Ki: A key blast that can be shot from another appendage than the hands (example: eyes, mouth, tail, etc.). Because it's not from the normal hand blast, it can be a good surprise attack against one's opponent.

Special Beam Cannon: A technique that requires to sit with your fingers pressed against your head. It must power up for three turns, not-distracted. If you actually succeed in doing this and fire, it will shoot forth a massive blast 3x your normal power level. You can power it up to 20 turns for badass power.

Savage Core: A powerful sphere of energy, (Color depends on users raw power)that is generated in the single, or both palms of the user. And if mastered, can even be generated from the feet. Its a glowing sphere with radiating heat coming from it. Depending on the users power level, the damage used by this attack can vary.

Hydra Cannon: A triple blast of energy fired from the index, middle, and ring finger. The energy is green, and highly corrosive. It can also lock onto a target, but requires more PL. The blast can only be used once every 10 posts.

Blaster Shell: A green shell-shaped energy ball that is charged up much like a beam ball. Upon impact, this ball will destroy everything within a mile. Can only be used once!

Howling Cannon: starts off like the Wolf Fang Fist technique with the illusion of a wolf and howling, for the soul purpose of distracting the opponent, but instead of following the wolf with a combo melee attack, the Howling Cannon fires a non-powerful beam from a single arm with destructive capabilities. The beam appears to be fired from the illusionary wolf's mouth, to further mystify opponents. It is green in color and is surrounded by black electricity. The beam provides a consistant stream of heat and explosion, tearing and ripping any opponent into chunks. (One of my customs!)

Supīdo-Teishi : The user encloses the target in Ki, making it much harder for them to move on their own. Lasts for one post, additional posts need to be charged
Autohit, but only goes into effect over time

Solar Intensifier: much like the name says, this technique intensifies the sun into a focused beam that can burn through many items, melting things like iron. he does this by jumping to where the sun's rays are focused and loops his arms around and super focuses the light. the biggest downside is he can only do it for as long as the sun is there and he can't aim the beam.

Final Absolute: Absolute Charges for about 50-70 seconds then goes to the enemy and screams out "Absolute!" before ice starts to form around him and his enemy. After the enemy is frozen absolute jumps away and a dark portal opens and goes through the frozen enemy. Afterwards the sword then explodes (Kinda like super explosive wave) cooling the area around the explosion.

Crater Beam: The user grabs his right wrist with his left and charges a purple orb. They place half of their current energy into the attack. When fired, a purple wave of energy is blasted. Depending on your PL, it will do heavy damage. If it hits the ground, it will make a mile wide crater and damage all fighters.

Powerhouse: User charges a green sphere of energy, then throws it at the opponent, then it explodes in their face and causes them to go blind. User then does something similar to the Kaioken and a green aura Surrounds the user's body for the rest of the time that he battles. Their Powerlevel greatly increases, but doesn't increase too much. (Increases by 2.0)

Okay, there is the list! Thanks for reading guys, PM me if you need any help.
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The last set of rules (For Now)
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