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 Our Roleplay Style

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PostSubject: Our Roleplay Style   Thu 07 Feb 2013, 1:17 am

How We Roleplay

We roleplay in the First-Person point of view, here is an example. -

Onix charged the utimate move, Kamehameha.

Roleplay Topics

You create topics to roleplay, this doesn't necessarily mean you battle, it's just an average RP. Here is an example of 2 people in a topic without fighting -

Player 1 - Name 1 walked down the sidewalk, until he felt a strange powerlevel. He went to see who was the source of the large Powerlevel.

Player 2 - Name 2 saw Name 1 walk up to him, "Hi! Who are you?" He asked with a friendly smile.

And when battling -

Player 1 - Name 1 charged the Kamehameha, "KAAAMMEEE!" "HAAMMEEEE!" "HAAAAAA!" He shouted as a blue beam blasted out of his hands

Player 2 - Name 2 tried to block the great blast, but failed to do so.

Please know that these are just examples, you must do atleast one paragraph per Roleplay!

If you need help, PM a staff member, or me.
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Our Roleplay Style
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