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 Powerlevel Rulings

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PostSubject: Powerlevel Rulings   Thu 07 Feb 2013, 1:07 am

Normal Posting: 100/post
For this, people cannot post to themselves, and must interact with other people.

Quests: Determined by quest
Each quest has a pre-determined number, and how many paragraphs must be posted to get the achieved number. This cannot be changed for any reason. Cannot be interacted with various characters.

Side Quests 700/quest
Each side quest must be atleast 3 paragraphs long, and it has to be a complete quest on itself. It is something that ‘cannot’ be replied to. Cannot be interacted with various characters.

Other: 100/post
Other is like a side quest, but a character is basically replying to him/herself. In this case, a person who does this needs to have atleast 3 paragraphs per post, otherwise they will not get the points. ‘Other’ is a self-interaction, that cannot be interacted with various characters. This doesn't include Training.

Saga: 200/post
Done by Admins. These are on special scheduling, given occasionally by head Admin only. Rules are determined uniquely by each saga, which will be explained at the time by the head Admin.

Training: 400/Paragraph
One paragraph is equal to 400 Powerlevel. Is self interaction unless training with a partner. Please look at training rules for more details!

If there is a problem with the rules being stated, feel free to PM Onix or any other Staff Member.
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Powerlevel Rulings
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