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 Dragonball Rules

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PostSubject: Dragonball Rules   Thu 07 Feb 2013, 1:02 am


These are seven mystical orbs, each with red stars corresponding to their number. Once all seven balls are gathered into one place, the lucky warrior can summon the almighty Eternal Dragon, who will grant the summoner exactly one wish if on Earth. Ultimate power, infinite riches, even a personal planet, are all within reach of the Dragon...usually. There are currently two sets of Dragonballs in existence: the Earth and Namekian Dragonballs, which reside on the planets Earth and Namek respectively. One set is always active: when a wish is made on the Earth's Dragonballs, they turn to stone and the Namekian Dragonballs activate, and so on. A third set is rumored to exist throughout the Galaxy, yet no one has ever been able to prove its existence.

Earth's Dragonballs

The titular objects of the anime and manga series, the Earth's Dragonballs are sought by anyone. The Dragon that sleeps within these is named Shenron, and follows the form of a more traditional Chinese dragon, appearing long and snakelike, with large red eyes and whiskers. Once a wish has been made on the Namekian Dragon Balls, these become active, and will turn to stone once Shenron has granted his summoner’s request. Shenron is a crotchety old dragon who dislikes his slumber being interrupted, so wishers are advised to have their request ready. Occasionally, Shenlong has been known to twist a poorly-worded or just plain evil wish to work out poorly for the wisher, so fear his arbitrary wrath.

Namekian Dragonballs

The Namekians were the original creators of the Dragonballs, and hence, there are seven golden spheres that make their home only on their planet. The Dragon that sleeps within these is named Porunga, and is very different from his counterpart on Earth, in that he is extremely large and muscular, appearing anthropomorphic, with large red eyes and horns. Once a wish has been made on the Earth's Dragonballs, these become active, and will turn to stone once Porunga has granted his summoner’s request. Porunga is a stern old dragon, however, and will only respond to wishes made in Old Namekian, a language almost forgotten in the North Galaxy due to Earth's sweeping trade influence. Porunga is more apt to grant a wish requiring extreme power, as he is the model for the Earth's Dragonballs.

Collecting the Dragonballs

Dragonballs will appear roughly once a month in real time, which will be announced once the time comes. You can only get one Dragonball per day in one topic. Once you have a Dragonball, you must PM me otherwise it doesn’t count. People that don’t have a Dragonball is allowed to challenge someone that does have a Dragonball. You could have any wish you want, as long as it’s reasonable. We have the right to refuse any wish you make, and then you can choose another wish. You may NOT take a Dragonball off-world, into the Afterlife, or in any other way seek to remove it from play. A person owning a Dragonball must remain on either Earth or Namek, pending which set of DBs is active, for as long as they own a Dragonball. We will post when a person gets a Dragonball on this topic. A player cannot use player knowledge and automatically know someone has a Dragonball, if they have no reason to know.

Dragon Radar

You must make a custom path to get a Dragon Radar. The Path has to be 3 paragraphs at least with 5 sentences. The radar may allow a PC to reach a Dragonball faster than other average PCs that are looking for it. It can also be used to track and find people who have already found and claimed Dragonballs. The Dragon Radar can be stolen, and if a fight breaks out with someone who has one, there is a chance the Radar can be broken. The administrator/moderator will roll a dice on the chance it is broken in battle, and inform you if it is. People can attempt to hide the radar to prevent it from getting broken, but then there will also be a chance someone else can stumble upon it and take it.
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Dragonball Rules
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