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 Death Rules

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PostSubject: Death Rules   Thu 07 Feb 2013, 12:58 am


Eventually everyone dies, regardless of power. Do not despair, however, because Death is not very final in DBZTS. If you do happen to die, you will arrive in front of the King Yemma's desk made of the fire mahogany trees of Melchior 7. King Yemma passes sentence on a soul based on its Alignment and actions during life, and its overall strength. The righteous are sent above to Heaven, the wicked below to Hell, and the heroics and powerful may opt to visit King Kai, the Afterlife's premiere instructor. Players are allowed to interact with a great many NPCs in the Afterlife (some are reserved however, such as Son Goku, Vegeta, and so on) and may have a unique roleplay experience before their character resumes their life and struggles. Once you die, post a topic in the Heaven section called Judgement.


After seven calendar days of residing in Otherworld, players are given the option to return to the world of the living. Once an Admin (Onix) posts a reply in your judgement topic, you are free to roleplay in the planet which you are in.


In DBZTS, you are limited to a maximum of six characters. However, some players grow tired of the same characters after a long time of developing them. Should that character meet an unfortunate end in battle, suicide, or other convoluted situation, the player may optionally have said character reincarnated. Reincarnated characters are, in effect, completely new. They do not possess any of the memories, experiences, or knowledge of their previous life. Your Power Level is reduced back to 150, you must reorganize your stat percentages into a new combination, choose a new trait and set of abilities, and you may retain two of your current techniques if you choose to become reincarnated. With that said, you may return as a new race, gender, or both if you choose to be reincarnated. There is no limit on how many times a character may be reincarnated, yet if this gets to be an every other day practice, King Yemma might refuse to allow your soul to be recycled.
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Death Rules
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