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 Perfect Character Application Example

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PostSubject: Perfect Character Application Example   Thu 09 Aug 2012, 1:13 am

Character Name: Corezen

Nickname(s): Core, Savior of Earth

Age: 21

Race: Changeling

Appearance: [Only admins are allowed to see this image]

History: Corezen was born to two Changelings that were part of the Cold Family. He heard many stories about his Grandfather, Frieza, and his father. They both caused destruction on Earth, Namek, and many other planets. Corezen hated this, he wanted to stop all evil. Therefore, he started to take down the kingpins of evil in the city. Most of them were hard, but some were much weaker than Corezen. He managed to get rid of most of the evil, which is why he was named Savior of Earth. Well, it was a bit of an exaggeration to call him the "Savior" of Earth, but he liked the name, so he kept it. People who havn't heard of him were afraid of him, mostly because he was a Changeling, and the race was mostly full of Evil origins. Corezen wished his past was erased and that he was born to a family that wasn't so damn evil.

Corezen's main motivation is saving the people or Earth from any type of evil. Corezen never liked Evil, he hated the fact that he was even born to the Colds. He pretty much hated his family, none of them were good except for him. He wished that he would've been born to a different family, and he wants to get rid of the Colds forever. He just wanted to keep Evil away from him, and destroy it at all costs. He would risk his life to destroy Evil, which he probably will do so.

Being the savior of Earth usually means you are not a bad person. Corezen never liked his family, the Colds. He thought about changing his last name, but decided to stay with Corezen Cold. Some people are afraid when they hear his last name, but he just simply tells them he isn't related, even though he is. He hated his grandfather, who he always heard stories about of pure chaos and evil. Obviously that was Frieza, and sometimes he heard stories of his Great-Grandfather, King Cold. Corezen didn't want to be like the rest of his family, not killing citizens or other people that had good souls. He wanted to get rid of all evil, which he took as a dream. He began taking down people that were causing major trouble, he was rewarded with zeni and became known as the Savior of Earth. Now, on to his actual personality while communicating with other people. Corezen is always cheerful, unless badly injured of course. He loves meeting new people (Especially the ladies Razz ) and hates it when he finds out that they are evil. He loves to find out when they are good people, he feels like he has already met a friend that could be one of is friends. During battle, he is a bit humorous, just as every Changeling usually is. He makes jokes and laughs in the face of his enemy, that is only when battling someone evil though.

Desired Starting Planet: Earth

Distribute 150 points along Power, Speed, Toughness, and Focus:

PWR: 40

SPD: 40

TGH: 40

FOC: 30

You can have only 4 starter techniques, if you choose very poweful ones, they will start out weak. If one is custom, you must describe it.

1) Dodon Cannon
2) Solar Flare
3) Kaioken x2
4) Destructo Disk

Anything else: This is an Example of an Application!

After you complete your application, you will receive a PM about what you need to do next!

I don't expect you guys to have a long history! If you would like to show off and add an rp sample, go right ahead!
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Perfect Character Application Example
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