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 Heaven Quest List

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PostSubject: Heaven Quest List   Wed 08 Aug 2012, 10:04 pm

King Kai's Path

The Million Mile Sprint:

In order to reach King Kai's home, you must cross the mind-boggling distance that is Snake Way. Your mental discipline as well as your physical fitness will be tested before you even meet King Kai.

4 paragraphs.

+800 PL.

The Most Important Words You Will Ever Say:

King Kai respects combat prowess, but his heart loves a good joke. He's spent thousands of years learning the finest points of comedy, so not just any old yarn will make the god chuckle. If you can make him laugh, King Kai will train you. If not, he'll send you on your way.

3 paragraphs.

+400 PL.

Catch the Monkey:

In order to start your training, you must adjust to the heavy gravity of King Kai's world. Bubbles the monkey will happily assist you with your training, running about the small planet until you manage to catch him. Bubbles is a wily and agile monkey who's lived his entire life in this gravity, so your skills will definitely be tested.

4 paragraphs.

+1000 PL.

Gregory's Smug Face:

After managing to catch Bubbles the monkey, King Kai materializes an extremely powerful ten-ton hammer. Gregory, King Kai's associate, is an extremely fast and possibly the most self-absorbed cricket in the world of the living and the dead. Your task is to strike Gregory on the head with your hammer. Note that Gregory is faster than Bubbles, can fly, and occasionally can teleport around you. Still, that smug laugh and smile really get on your nerves.

4 paragraphs.

+1000 PL.

Take a Breather:

King Kai is impressed with your progress, but you really should take a break from all that you've done. Sit with the god and eat, tell stories, and generally enjoy life like you haven't done since you were alive. Tomorrow, the god will increase your training's intensity. Cherish this possibly last relaxing day of your afterlife.

2 paragraphs.

+400 PL.


Now that you've adjusted to the gravity of King Kai's planet and passed his tests, it is time for your true training. Mind you, this is going to be the most painfully exhausting thing you have ever done, even with a body in Otherworld.

King Kai shall demonstrate the Kaioken, his famous ability to multiply his power, and you shall copy it. Using it for even a moment without the proper training and concentration will rip your body apart.

4 paragraphs.

+1200 PL.

Tastes like Cherry:

After many days of attempting to use the Kaioken, and having your body healed by King Kai, you finally begin to understand its delicate balance: power exactly more than your own, too much more and your body cannot adapt and it rips apart, much like a fat guy in a little coat. As you begin to master the Kaioken, you notice the taste of cherry in your throat as you call upon the technique. A strange thing, but it is the flavor of cherry in your mouth that allows you to focus and grab hold of the power.

5 paragraphs.

+600 PL.

-Kaioken unlocked for purchase.Spoiler:

Kaio-ken: A technique that allows the user to temporarily boost all aspects of their body: the five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell), as well as gain an increase in muscle mass, resulting in more energy and more power. Capable of two levels, your Power Level can be multiplied by either x1.5 or x2. This is used for 3 posts for a x1.5 "burst" and 2 posts for a x2 "burst." It can be used alone or in addition to a regular Power Up. Each “burst” engulfs your body in a crimson aura, and lasts roughly twenty seconds, equating to one action, such as a single punch, kick, or blast. Requires training under King Kai.

The Spirit Bomb:

After finally mastering the Kaioken, King Kai is truly impressed with your ability. He believes you might be able to also learn the Spirit Bomb, an incredibly powerful attack against evil. In order to learn the technique, you must first learn how to draw power from the life around you. Quiet your mind and feel the flow of ki from every living being, even yourself. Tap into it in order to form the Spirit Bomb.

5 paragraphs.

+1400 PL.


Now that you have harnessed energy from all around you, King Kai conjures a large stone and hurls it at you. Quick, form your collected energy into a ball and hurl it at the stone before it smacks you upside the head! As it explodes in a shower of rubble, King Kai smirks and conjures twelve more stones. Summon up more energy and destroy them as well, feeling the ki inside the stone and locking onto it rather than shooting with your eyes. The Spirit Bomb is all about understanding the flow of energy from one being into another rather than brute force.

5 paragraphs.

+600 PL.

-Genki Dama unlocked for purchase.Spoiler:

Genki Dama: Also known as “Spirit Bomb,” the Genki Dama is a powerful attack that has a long charge time. The user gathers ki from all living things within a small radius, including themselves, forming the ki into a large blue sphere of pure energy. This technique must be charged a minimum of three (3) posts to a maximum of twenty (20) posts.

The Final Test:

Before your graduation, KIng Kai require one more thing of you: a duel. Show your master everything you have learned and hold nothing back, because King Kai will show you exactly how powerful he is, a hidden strength not seen for thousands of years.

7 paragraphs.

+2000 PL.

Farewell to the Master:

King Kai is very pleased with your progress and is proud to call you his student. Before you leave, the god grants you a gift: a gi that bares his kanji across the back, so that all will know you have graduated from his training. He bids you goodbye and teleports you back to King Yemma's Check-In Station.

3 paragraphs.

+400 PL.

+King Kai's Gi: A gi (your choice of color) with King Kai's symbol across the back. It cannot get dirty and is very resilient. +10 PL per post in Otherworld.
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Heaven Quest List
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