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 Hell Quest list

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PostSubject: Hell Quest list   Wed 08 Aug 2012, 1:43 pm

South Kai's Path

Call to Arms:

Having had enough that King Kai’s students always seem to be the strongest, South Kai decided to take a visit to hell…to try to find his own strong warriors to train. Prove to South Kai that your tough enough and worthy to take a trip out of hell and into his private realm.

4 paragraphs.

+800 PL.

The Worst Thing You Could Ever Say:

South Kai wants to make sure you’re not only strong enough, but have the right bad-ass attitude to impress any other Kai they meet up with. Prove to the South Kai, you have the attitude and the right words to intimidate anyone you come across.

3 paragraphs.

+400 PL.

Nice Beaver!

South Kai lives on a quaint planet, which consists of mostly one little small island, and the rest of his small planet all water. Like King Kai, his world is also a higher gravity. His assistant Flipper in infact a beaver that lives in the water. The first training for you is to catch Flipper, as he swims around the planet. Flipper is quite agile, and catching him will prove to be quite difficult.

4 paragraphs.

+1000 PL.

The Evil of Wasp!

After managing to catch Flipper the Beaver, South Kai materializes an extremely powerful ten-ton hammer. South Kai had spies check out how King Kai performed some of his training, so he decided to copy it…’his’ way. He then called for his assistant Wasp, which looked like an extremely fast and equally evil and psychotic little…wasp man. Unlike Gregory, South Kai wanted to make this task extra challenging. Attempt to chase and hit Wasp with the mallet…in a water world. And to make it worst, Wasp’s stinger shoot ki-like laser beams out at you, in retaliation. They don’t really damage much, but they hurt like hell!

4 paragraphs.

+1000 PL.

Take a Breather:

South Kai is impressed with your progress, and decides to take a break with you. You get to sit at the table, eat, and drink, while South Kai pours his heart at you how horrible King Kai has been always beating him, and how he desperately wants revenge. Endure the Kai’s senseless yammering. After all…tomorrow, the god will increase your training's intensity, making it all worth it.

2 paragraphs.

+400 PL.


Now that you've adjusted to the gravity of South Kai's planet and passed his tests, it is time for your true training. Mind you, this is going to be the most painfully exhausting thing you have ever done, even with a body in Otherworld.

South Kai shall demonstrate ‘his’ version of the Kaioken…it is called Kaiopsyche! Yes, Kaiopsyche. South Kai thought the name sounded cool and manly, and this became the signature teaching move for him.

Like the Kaioken, this ability will multiply the user’s power, and you shall copy it. Using it for even a moment without the proper training and concentration will rip your body apart.

4 paragraphs.

+1200 PL.

Tastes like Revenge:

After many days of attempting to use the Kaiopsyche, and having your body healed by South Kai, you finally begin to understand its power: this technique was created by a god who was solely hell-bent on revenge against his opponent. Draw in all the hate you can muster against your opponent. Think of the one person you’d want to see ripped apart like you have felt for days. Focusing solely on that, it allows you to grab hold of the power.

5 paragraphs.

+600 PL.

-Kaiopsyche unlocked for purchase.Spoiler:

Kaio-psyche: A technique that allows the user to temporarily boost all aspects of their body: the five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell), as well as gain an increase in muscle mass, resulting in more energy and more power. Capable of two levels, your Power Level can be multiplied by either x2 or x5. This is used for 3 posts for a x2 "burst" and 2 posts for a x5 "burst." It can be used alone or in addition to a regular Power Up. Each “burst” engulfs your body in a crimson aura, and lasts roughly twenty seconds, equating to one action, such as a single punch, kick, or blast. Requires training under South Kai. 1000 PL for x5.

Sinister Battle Tactics:

South Kai had absolutely no idea how to get even close to King Kai’s spirit bomb. But he had a totally different idea that he felt would work even better in a battle. South Kai decided to train his student and show him how to turn his ki into a venomous aura in order to damage and poison your opponent at the same time! In order to learn this technique, you must learn how to properly manipulate your ki, as you struggle to achieve this.

5 paragraphs.

+1400 PL.

Vemomous Ki Achieved!

Now that you have learned to manipulate your energy into deadly poison, South Kai conjures a huge aquatic monster to attack you! Quick, use the Venomous Ki attack, to poison and kill the monster before it can destroy you!

5 paragraphs.

+600 PL.

- Venomous Ki unlocked for purchase.Spoiler:

Venomous Ki: This ability allows a sinister energy blast to be created, causing a temporary poison to sink into the opponent's body. This can cause a number of hindrances, the more popular being fatigue. Advanced applications of this Technique have been known to drain ki from fighters, leaving them weakened.

The Final Test:

Before your graduation, South Kai requires one more thing of you: a duel. Show your master everything you have learned and hold nothing back, because South Kai will show you exactly how powerful he is, a hidden strength not seen for thousands of years. And beware, because South Kai plays dirty!

7 paragraphs.

+2000 PL.

Farewell to the Master:

Though you failed to defeat the master, he is not the type to cause serious harm to you. After all…without his star pupil, he couldn’t show him off to King Kai. Once healed, South Kai expresses how pleased he is with your progress and is proud to call you his student. Before you leave, the god grants you a gift: a gi that bares his kanji across the back, so that all will know you have graduated from his training.

He bids you goodbye, stating there will be a time in the future that he may call for you to compete against a student of King Kai’s. Also, to prove his gratitude, you do not get teleported to hell, but instead to King Yemma's Check-In Station, where he forces him to let you go through back to Earth.

3 paragraphs.

+400 PL.

+South Kai's Gi: A gi (your choice of color) with King Kai's symbol across the back. It cannot get dirty and is very resilient. +10 PL per post in Otherworld.
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Hell Quest list
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